New York compression

In the last few years the technique of parallel compressing drums have become increasingly popular. The idea is to get a “fat & compressed sound”on the drums without suffering the audio degradation that comes with compressing a signal heavily. This technique is also known as New York compression and this is how it set up.

Set up a send on all the drum tracks sending to Buss 1 or any free bus. On the return buss instantiate a compressor, Set a fairly high ratio, 10:1 or higher. A fast attack and a medium slow release are pretty usual but play with it until it sounds good. Now add a EQ after the compressor and boost a couple of db’s of gain around 10K and the same on the low end and blend to taste with the original signal.

Adding the bass on a send to the compressor buss usually work well too.

If you’re on Tools or working on a console then just buss the drums straight without using sends.


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